Hello and welcome to Kevin’s Cycling Blog.

Danube 300 x 225My name is Kevin Ellwood and two of my passions in life (when I am not playing bridge or tinkering with computers) are cycling and photography. The purpose of this website is to share my cycling stories, maps, photos and videos from the road, with the hope that by sharing my experiences others will be inspired to get involved in riding and be rewarded by the many benefits I have enjoyed over the years.

Physical activity is vital for a happy, healthy life, and the health benefits of cycling have been well documented. However, cycling is also great fun and a fantastic way to explore a country.

Our roads and paths are there to be shared. Whether on foot, on two wheels, or on four, people need to act in a safe and courteous manner. We should all look out for one another as they do in other cities around the world, particularly Europe.

I hope you like my photos and videos, and feel free to download any of my GPX maps that have been created based as far as possible on the most scenic and cycle friendly routes. In particular you might enjoy the photos for all my Completed Tours, including Ring of Kerry Ireland 2005, Oxfordshire & Cotswolds UK 2007, Great Ocean Road Vic 2009, Sussex UK 2009, Cornwall UK 2010, NE Victoria Rail Trail 2011, Garmish Partenkirchen 2012, Bavaria 2012, Munich 2012, Danube 2012, Yorkshire UK 2013, Italy 2014 – Umbria Region, Italy 2014 – Tuscany Region, Albury 2015, Croatia 2015, France (Brittany & Normandy) 2015, South Korea 2015, Albury – Granya Grind 2016, Spain (Andalusia) & Portugal (Algarve) 2016, Italy (Lombardy & Veneto) 2016, Germany, Luxembourg and France: 3-country Mosel Tour 2016, France (Alsace) 2016, Sydney to Melbourne 2017, Germany (Main River) 2017, and Berlin (Germany) to Copenhagen (Denmark) 2017.

I have a few Planned Trips in the pipeline and would appreciate your encouragement by following my progress on my Blog page.