Finish of Another Tour

Berlin to Copenhagen – Stage 13 – Køge to Copenhagen 61 Km (Fri 23-Jun-17)

Weather: 15⁰C min – 18⁰C max, cloudy, afternoon rain

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“Bike lanes – I put that now in the category of things you shouldn’t discuss at dinner parties, right? It used to be money and politics and religion. Now, you should add bike lanes.” ~ Christine Quinn

Overnight rain had cleared by the time I awoke, leaving a hazy fog which persisted for the whole 60 Km to Copenhagen. Miraculously, the grey clouds withheld their precipitation, which means the whole 730 Km since leaving Berlin (13 days of riding) have been completed without any rain.

For the first 24 Km today, traffic-free country roads took me inland through the normal green countryside, pleasant as ever, but with limited photographic opportunities because of the dull light.

At Karlslunde the route turned north and followed the coast for the next 20 Km. This section was very picturesque, past reedy lakes teeming with wildlife and around beautiful boat-filled harbours. As I got closer to Copenhagen the cycle paths became even wider and smoother, through lovely parks and tree lined avenues.

Reaching Copenhagen just before 2 pm marked the end of what has turned out to be a marvellous tour, exceeding my expectations. Everything went so smoothly … good accommodation, spellbinding scenery, charming villages, stunning houses, a bike that performed well (not even a puncture), no problems with my health or fitness, fine weather and, thanks to my Garmin GPS, no navigation problems (not even a single wrong turn).

My biggest concern at the end of a tour is always finding a cardboard bicycle box acceptable to the airline (in this case EasyJet), so I identified on my Garmin Basecamp map 52 bicycle shops near the AirBNB where I am staying in Copenhagen. Would you believe that the first shop I came to just happened to have a suitable box that they were only too happy to get rid of! I was so relieved I didn’t mind walking my bike and carrying the box for the final 2 Km.

This means I can now relax for three days of sightseeing in Copenhagen before flying to London late on Monday to spend a month with my wife and her family.

Inevitably, my thoughts will soon turn to planning my next adventure. Europe is just so irresistible for cycling!

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3 Responses

  1. Melveta Ellwood says:

    Another successful ride. Where next may I ask?
    Enjoy your few days off the bike!!!

  2. Stephen Knight says:

    Thank you for your Blog. I have just read everyday of your Berlin to Copenhagen ride. Your blog is so impressive. I really liked your photos and links to Air BNB , maps and Garmin etc. I am thinking of doing this ride next year. reading your blog makes me think that it is quite possible. Thank you

    • says:

      Hi Stephen.
      Thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed reading. It is a nice easy ride from Berlin to Copenhagen, mostly on good paths and quiet roads. From a scenic point of view I probably enjoyed my earlier ride from Frankfurt to Bamberg a little more (some very pretty towns along the Main River and less monotonous forests and cornfields). Cheers, Kevin

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