Thatched Heaven

Berlin to Copenhagen – Stage 09 – Nykøbing to Stege Møn 72 Km (Mon 19-Jun-17)

Weather: 18⁰C min – 25⁰C max, clear and sunny

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“No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.” ~ William Blake

For breakfast I purchased a couple of bread rolls from the Aldi service station across the road, then ate them in the backyard of the charming little AirBNB where I was staying last night in Nykøbing. If the weather yesterday was beautiful, today it was perfect so I could have sat there drinking cups of tea all morning. However, I had work to do … a 72 Km ride to Stege on the island of Møn.

Heading west through lovely farmlands for 10 Km I soon reached the blue, glistening, Baltic Sea. Turning north I followed the coastline for the next 20 Km, mainly through shady forests. Although the track through the forest was crunchy gravel, it is quite pleasant for riding when it is not raining. Occasionally I would glance to my right to glimpse the clear blue water through the trees.

A feature of today’s stage was the number of incredible thatched houses, not just the roofs but also the walls in some cases. You could be forgiven for thinking it was England.

Lunch consisted of a left over Aldi bread roll and an energy bar enjoyed while gazing out at Stubbekøbing Havn (Harbour). Around the next corner I caught the ferry “IDA” from Stubbekøbing to Bogø, which takes about 12 minutes. At Bogø there were about 200 kids on bikes waiting to board the ferry, but I am not sure they would all fit on board in one go.

After cycling for about 2 Km I came to the Grønsundvej causeway which took me across to the island of Møn. Denmark is a small island surrounded by sea so water is never far away.

I am spending two nights in Stege because tomorrow I plan to cycle a 50 Km loop around Møn Island to enable me to explore Møn Island and Cliffs, which is supposed to offer some of Denmark’s most dramatic scenery and quaint villages. I am expecting there will be even more photo opportunities than today.

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  1. Melveta Ellwood says:

    How was your trip around mon island! It sounds rather pretty I have never been to Denmark.
    Weather very good here. Happy riding 🚲

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