Saving the Best Until Last

Germany: Main River Tour – Stage 07 – Schweinfurt to Bamberg 80 Km (Wed 7th June 2017)

Weather: 9⁰C min – 23⁰C max, partially sunny with occasional showers, chilly breeze
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“I am definitely capable of just enjoying riding my bike these days” ~ Victoria Pendleton

I was awoken early by the two cats scratching at my door, obviously not pleased that I had slept in their room last night. Looking out the window I could see patches of blue sky, so I bounced out of bed determined to make the most of my last day of riding for this Main River tour. By 8 am I was on my way, stopping in Schweinfurt CBD to get some breakfast at the bakery that was open. There was an icy cold breeze this morning, so I was glad I remembered to bring a pair of old leather gloves with me.

Last night I amended today’s Schweinfurt to Bamberg route to include a detour through Königsberg in Bayern (Bavaria), which I had read is a romantic town right out of a picture book. This extended the journey by 13 Km to 80 Km, but it proved to be well worth the effort. At Haßfurt I turned left from the Main River path and for the next 7 Km followed a fabulous bike path that took me though a forest then lovely countryside until I reached Königsberg in Bayern. What a delightful town it is! This was one of three picture-postcard-perfect Bavarian towns I experienced today, the other two being Zeil am Main (where I re-joined the Main River path) and Bamberg (where I am staying tonight). Talk about saving the best until last!

Reaching Bamberg at about 3 pm I checked in to what is easily the best AirBNB I have stayed at yet, right in the heart of town. The first thing I did was jump on my bike again and ride 2.5 Km to Bamberg Hauptbahnhof (HBF) to buy my train ticket to Berlin tomorrow morning. The 10:09 am train that I wanted to catch had no more bike spaces left, so I am catching the Inter-City Express leaving at 8:09 am and arriving in Berlin at 12:30pm.

Tonight I decided to celebrate the end of my Main River tour with a traditional German meal and I found just the thing on the menu … bratwurst sausages and sauerkraut. Simply delicious! When I ride more Km in a day than my age I can claim to have done a decent day’s work and so the meal was just what I needed.

After three days R & R seeing the sights of Berlin I start my next tour …a 13 day ride from Berlin to Copenhagen in Denmark.

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2 Responses

  1. Robynne says:

    Just fantastic Kev. So enjoy your travel blog

  2. Melveta Ellwoood says:

    Oh! have just found out that you enjoy riding your bike?
    Where have you been my dear?
    I found out that that you love riding your bike a long time ago ha!! ha!!
    Enjoy a safe ride my dear, and oh! great photos,
    Lots of love.

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