Red Poppy Day

Germany: Main River Tour – Stage 06 – Kitzingen to Schweinfurt 52 Km (Tue 6th June 2017)

Weather: 10⁰C min – 16⁰C max, mostly cloudy, rain showers in afternoon
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“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Imagine my surprise this morning as I was riding along the riverside at Kitzingen to see the beautiful barge Iris moored there. It is only about 9 months ago that I spent a memorable week on the same boat with friends from my riding club in Sydney, cruising and riding from Cochem to Metz along the Mosel River (see Bikeplanet Tours). I called out for Lenny, the owner of the boat, but the deck hand said she was not on board today.

Soon I had left the interesting town of Kitzingen headed for Schweinfurt about 52 Km northward. Cruising along the path on a fine but cloudy morning, I kept looking at the allotments and back yard gardens filled with fresh vegetables and colourful flowers, obviously thriving in the rich river flat soil. As I left the town I couldn’t help noticing how lush and green the vegetation is in this part of Germany, with not a dry blade of grass to be seen anywhere.

There were several other touring cyclists on the path this morning and they seemed more responsive to my hallo and morgen than normal. Because cyclists are so commonplace in Germany it is not their practice to acknowledge other cyclists.

Towns were few and far between today, and the ones I passed through I skirted around the backstreets. As usual the countryside was delightful, with wheat crops everywhere and grapevines on every hillside. There were lots of wild flowers, particularly red poppies, red poppies and more red poppies (which you might have guessed from all the photos is my favourite flower).

For most of the trip the sky was overcast with a few small patches of blue sky, but the clouds became darker as I got nearer to Schweinfurt. Persistent gentle rain for the last 15 Km did not detract from what was another thoroughly enjoyable day of riding.

Arriving at Schweinfurt at about 1:30 pm, I have to hang about until 5 pm until the owner of my AirBNB gets home from work. The time has passed quickly enough, taking the opportunity to fully explore yet another impressive Main River town. At the moment it is pouring rain again, but I am sitting on some steps under cover, with my laptop on my knee writing these few words.

Sad to say, tomorrow’s ride to Bamberg is the last day of my seven day tour of the Main River. What an incredible week it has been!

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  1. Melveta Ellwoood says:

    Once again nice photos, “All good things or time have to come to an end.”
    At least you have seen the place where part of your came from.
    Enjoy your ride tomorrow. Be safe riding.

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