Summertime in Germany

Germany: Main River Tour – Stage 01 – Frankfurt to Aschaffenburg 59 Km (Thu 1st June 2017)

Weather: 13⁰C min – 25⁰C max, mostly sunny
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“I can think. I can sleep. I can move. I can ride my bike. I can dream.” ~ Bill Walton

How can I ever forget the first day of my River Main (pronounce “mine”) cycling tour, under clear blue skies and a temperature of about 25 degrees. Can you imagine the pure pleasure of rolling along perfect, smooth, flat, continuous cycle paths, uninterrupted by traffic lights or cross roads for the entire 60 Km trip from Frankfurt to Aschaffenburg?

Sometimes riding on riverside paths can get monotonous because of the sameness of the scenery. However, today there was plenty of variety to hold my interest … ducks, swans, graceful willows, tall poplars, silver birches, fishermen, river barges, well-mown riverbank lawns, fields of red poppies, and majestic church spires across the other side of the river reflecting in the water.

Towns were well-spaced, in fact I only passed through two. The first was the small village of Hainstadt where I stopped at an eiscafé (ice cafe) for a gelato and coffee. Then I came to an amazing town called Seligenstadt with lots of fabulous timber-framed houses and a buzzing market in the village square.

Tonight I am staying at the enchanting town of Aschaffenburg, where the prominent attraction is Schloss Johannisburg. Tomorrow is only a short 43 Km ride to Miltenburg known as the Pearl of the Main River, which definitely warrants an overnight stay.

How good it is to be touring again!

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5 Responses

  1. Rolf says:

    Before Miltenberg, in Kleinheubach in the castle, I was often at the seminar. A beautiful landscape.

  2. Robynne says:

    Are you picking up the language OK Kev, it is a beautiful country with fab foods.

    • says:

      My vocab is very limited but manage to get by with a bit of sign language. Have had a couple of memorable meals here. I love their food!

  3. Melveta Ellwoood says:

    Yes you can ride and you can dream! Dream on and ride it’s fun and a pleasure for you.

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