Early Summer in Frankfurt

Germany: Main River Tour – Sightseeing in Frankfurt (Sun 28th May 2017)

Weather: 17⁰C min – 32⁰C max, sunny
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“Wherever you are – be all there” ~ Jim Elliot

A good night’s sleep has recharged my batteries after the long flight from Sydney yesterday. As usual the first thing I did when I awoke was to fire up my laptop and check the forecast. The predicted maximum temperature of 32 degrees was perfect for sightseeing, so I sprung out of bed ready to seize the day (“carpe diem”).

Wanting to try out the Frankfurt am Main tramway network I walked to the nearby tram stop in Fechenheim and caught the No. 11 tram to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof where I bought a train ticket for myself and my bicycle to Mannheim tomorrow, returning to Frankfurt on Wednesday before commencing my ride up the River Main Radweg the following day.

From there I went on a leisurely 5.44 Km stroll around the interesting city of Frankfurt. My heart was soon touched by the pathetic sight of dozens of poor homeless souls sleeping their life away on footpaths, parks and city squares. A few struggling buskers and beggars were trying to eke out a miserly existence in the only way they know how, while others just lay in the hot sun. Perhaps they were recovering from the regatta yesterday!

Like most European cities few shops are open on Sundays, except for some tourist shops and cafes in the popular Römerberg Square. The highly visible polizei and security presence there was a reminder of the troubled times we live in.

Everywhere I found amazing bäckereien displaying their irresistible German bread and pastry delights. Just past Römerberg I walked across the Eiserner Steg footbridge covered with inscribed padlocks declaring the undying love of couples for each other.

On the other side of the river I stopped to watch cyclists ambling along river side bike paths, enjoying the warm spring Sunday morning sunshine.

With the help of my Garmin GPS I found my way back to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and caught the tram back to the AirBNB, where I am looking forward to meeting Marcel and family when they get back this evening.

I think I could become accustomed to being a tourist!

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4 Responses

  1. Melveta Ellwoood says:

    You love being a Tourist so go for it!! You seem to be having a great time and it is only day 2.
    I guess every country has its problems with poverty. We don’t know how lucky we are!!.
    Good luck with your next ride and be safe!

    • kwe@tpg.com.au says:

      Thank you my dear. I have checked into my AirBNB in Mannheim and about to go for a look around town. No problems with the train. Love, Kev xxx

  2. patrick aherne says:

    Hi Kev
    What airline did you fly and how much was it to get your bike across?

    • kwe@tpg.com.au says:

      Hi Patrick.
      I flew Qatar Airlines from Sydney to Frankfurt via Doha. The total of A$727 that I paid included 30 Kg of check-in baggage, of which my bicycle in its cardboard box accounted for 18 Kg of this (no extra charge for the bicycle). In addition to this you are allowed one cabin bag up to 7 Kg (including laptop). When I arrived at Frankfurt Airport I assembled my bicycle, discarded the cardboard box, transferred the contents of my cabin bag (and the folded up cabin bag itself) into my two Ortlieb panniers,and rode into town.

      In all the trips I have done to Europe I have never had to pay a cent for my bicycle, as I make sure that I fly with an airline that allows 30 Kg of check-in baggage.


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