Cycling Around Melbourne

Tue 28th March 2017 – Melbourne Cycleways (53 Km)

Weather: 15⁰C min – 23⁰C max, fine and sunny
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“A bend in the road is not the end of the road … unless you fail to make the turn” ~ Helen Keller

How good it is to be cycling in Melbourne! On a perfect autumn day on beautiful off-road cycleways (Bay Trail CW, Sandridge Rail Trail CW, Capital City CW, Main Yarra Trail CW, Gardiners Creek CW, Rosstown Rail Trail CW, Caulfield-Frankston CW) for almost the whole 53 Km loop, passing along the bay and then through magnificent parklands.

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5 Responses

  1. Melveta Ellwood says:

    You are an addictive person. I thought you have ridden enough.
    I guess you are enjoying life to the full. Good on you!!

  2. Sophie says:

    Lovely scenery – Melbourne at its best! Looking forward to seeing you – have a safe trip back (you’re riding, right? :))

  3. Hello Kevin. Congratulations on your first tour ’17. I have followed your stages with interest. How about the next year with ‘indianpacificwheelrace’?
    From the finish line you have not so far home. The first driver arrives today in Sydney.
    When exactly do you start by us in Germany?
    Greeting Rolf

    • says:

      Hello Rolf. Indian Pacific (5,500 Km) looks a bit much at my stage of life, but I am inspired by the story about Ernie Old (! At this stage I am thinking about flying to Frankfurt early July then train to Manheim to check out where my mum’s paternal ancestors came from. After riding along the Main River to Bamberg I plan to ride from Berlin to Copenhagen. Cheers, Kevin

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